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Note - Since this VN was made in a time limit for a jam, I decided that if I were to continue this story I would rather overhaul and start everything new instead of working with bad rushed assets and a bad script. This page is left up for reference for me to compare different works I make at different times. You are still welcome to check it out.

"Honey, everyone who comes to Industry has issues. That's the kind of place this is, and we're the kind of people attracted to it."

Lilycal Laika is a visual novel set in a Sci-fi universe. The story follows Laika, who ran away from a rogue planet to Industry Colony where she intends to work as a Striker. Laika's adventures will be affected by the various people she meets there, each of whom carry their own emotional baggage. That's the kind of people that Industry attracts - people with issues of their own, who desire an escape from their old world into a reckless thrill-seeking life.

It is still a demo version, and only goes through the first act with glimpses at what each route in the story would be like.

Lilycal Laika was originally made for Tyrano Builder's game jam (about a month), and was further worked on during the Yuri Game Jam (about two weeks worth of added time). I worked on everything myself, apart from the open domain music, so things can be rough - but it was a fun learning experience. I would be interested in joining a team as a writer so I wouldn't have to do everything else alone.

Please try it out, and I hope you enjoy it!

I would really appreciate it if you would send me feedback at anya [dot] fennec [at] gmail [dot] com.

You may also reach me on twitter @anya_fennec

Thank you for checking out Lilycal Laika!

Update 06/11/15 - Removed some unneeded files, everything should be the same except the download size.

Update 05/11/15 - Converted to ren'py engine, and added a lot of new images and story content.

Update 22/09/15 - Very minor script changes. This is the last build that was made with Tyrano Builder and that falls within TB's jam time limit.


Lilycal Laika - Windows 205 MB
Lilycal Laika - Mac 203 MB
Lilycal Laika - Linux 207 MB


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Good game. In the full game can you add a 18+ Patch for things like that bath scene and what not. Or maybe just a new 18+ Version. Also make sure you add gallery and the usual VN stuff.

Is this game still in development? You haven't posted anything in 2 yrs. I'd like to see the whole story

Ahhhh I am so so sooo excited for this you don't even know!!! Congrats on the convert to Renpy! Everything looks awesome!

Thank you! Hope you have fun~ I'd love it if you would share your thoughts after you're done.